Why We Do What We Do

We had a terrible marriage. Now we have an amazing marriage. We wake up every day in gratitude and hope and love. It took our whole world being shattered…for Jere to admit to a lifetime – a literal lifetime – of deceit and lies and manipulation. It took Susan realizing and facing this pain…walking through it…not around it or over it but right through it. It took both of us realizing our own patterns and expectations and voices that had impacted our ability and willingness to be transparent and vulnerable and to really love with abandon.


That’s why we do what we do, because now we have this incredible relationship that is the undergirding of joy and confidence in all the parts of our life. We are individually different, and we are different together. Our US is so precious, so valuable, and we want every marriage to have the opportunity to consider the possibility that their marriage can be this way.


Susan posted in her personal blog about why we share, why we are investing in the lives of hurting couples. Read it here. Join us on the unbounded journey toward limitless love, amazing marriage!