Attitude Matters

Over, and over, and over scientific studies support the anecdotal stories we all see. Things like kids think they are invincible. Science now shows us that they actually do…because the connection between their frontal lobes (where they weigh risk/benefit and make “executive decisions”) are woefully underdeveloped in adolescence even though their bodies look fully grown-up.

Studies are showing us over and again that attitude matters. It matters in our mental health, our physical health and our marriage health. People who are intentionally grateful are exponentially more equipped to handle the bumps of life, report more marital satisfaction and have less disease or fight it more effectively.

We challenge you to adopt an attitude of gratefulness. Being grateful, specifically, is highly correlated to the positive mental and physical outcomes, and is one way to see your spouse in a new light. Here is what we do…and it only takes one minute a day:

Rapid-Fire Gratefulness: Each morning, we sit together and look each other in the eye. For one (short) minute, we exchange things we are grateful for. These can be small things like “the cat used the litter box instead of the floor” or “it rained and we don’t have to water.” It can be emotional things like “our son’s sweet text thanking us for our help” or “your gentle response when I was frustrated yesterday.” It can be important things like “we were able to pay all the bills this month” or “my dad’s good response to his chemo.” And it can be intimate things like “your touch” or “your willingness to share gratefulness with me.”

One minute. One minute that can change your life. GO!