Really really thankful

We are so thankful.


We are thankful for our marriage. Our tattered and weathered and amazing marriage that is more beautiful today than we could have ever dreamed.

We are thankful that we wake up every morning more intimately connected than the day before. That we understand now how to navigate the tricky waters of conflict in a way that not only solves the problem, but results in our individual growth. We are thankful that we have learned an incredibly complex dance and we practice it together, getting it mostly right but even when we step on the other’s toes, the new language of our marriage brings determination and laughter rather than disdain and hurt.

We are thankful that we hear each other from the very core of our hearts, and that our souls are bared completely…and they are safe…completely. We are thankful that we have a place where we can do more than dream together, we can urge each other to new heights and hold each other in authentic and open despair if we fall.

We are thankful that we have the chance to walk alongside couples who have gotten out of step, who are drawn to the hearts of others or who have grown cold to their partner…and often even to themselves. We are thankful that we have seen brokenness turn into beauty and sadness turn into sweet love, and that we will continue to take opportunities to speak hope into desolation.

We are thankful for the God that is limitless in His love for us, and in his vision for our US. We are thankful that He showed us the way to freedom is not through avoiding our pain but rather by taking it on directly and fully and that it is in that very journey that we find our own holiness…so much more than what we hoped or dreamed for. We are thankful that He is faithful and long suffering and compassionate, and brings us new mercies every day. No. Matter. What.

We are thankful…like never, ever before.

Susan and Jere