Welcome to UnBounded. We are dedicated to helping married couples discover or rejuvenate deep intimacy, powerful passion and unlimited love…despite any circumstances that exist between them…so they can experience an astounding relationship built on possibilities and freedom.
We are Jere and Susan Pitman, and we do this because we are crazy about each other after nearly 30 years of marriage. We want to invest in the lives of couples like us…couples who are married but trapped in mediocrity at best, and destruction at worst. Couples who don’t know their marriages can be better, often because they don’t even recognize that they are that bad…until they are over. Couples who are settling for toxicity and distance because they have never seen connectedness and grace.
After a series of shocking revelations a few years ago, including multiple affairs and porn, Susan and Jere faced the decision to move on separately by divorcing, or radically changing. Individually, and together, we chose newness. We dared to take baby steps and then big steps and now we have the marriage that books are written about, and movies are made of. This is our life mission…to help couples learn to see beyond the mundane, over and through the pain, and into the world of possibility, freedom and love like nothing we ever even dared to dream.
So again…welcome. This is a place for those with the courage to consider the possibilities, and the fierce determination of discovering that the strongest way to live is through vulnerability and kindness. If you want to live a marriage of passion, intimacy and love…you have landed in a good spot.


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