Emotional Connection Matters

Jere is calm. He is even-keeled. I had an ongoing theory about him, me and most other couples I knew: the idea that there is a mean-line of emotional…and some people travel along that line barely going over or under – demonstrated by not getting overly excited about good things, or overly bothered by challenges. Then there are the people, like me, that felt highs very high…and lows very, very low. Both were okay, just different.
We have come to call this our emotional amplitude, with ranges that can vary greatly:

Emotional Amplitude

It explained a lot, and I even valued it – Jere was the ying to my yang, the calm to my excitement. But deep in my soul there were times I felt so disconnected, like we really didn’t even speak the same language. We have come to find out we didn’t.
Today, Jere is a far more demonstrably emotional man. He feels deeply, and isn’t ashamed to let me, and other people, know. Conversely, I have learned to feel the real emotion of the moment, rather than allow a secondary emotion (like anger) cloud my ability to share my soul. Now, we can make the crazy-amazing connection of the soul that marriage is meant to be.
This month, we are going to post a few ideas about why disconnection, and how to find it, authentically, in your relationship. The process takes courage – vulnerability and transparency are not for the weak. But the payoff…wow. Deep, heart-to-heart connection that creates an environment for both partners to individually flourish, and your relationship to be more than you ever dared dream.


We invite you to join us and work toward finding love without limit.
Living unboundedlife,
Susan and Jere